Monday, November 8, 2010

Gym Chic [Part 1]

Okay, we all do it. We all go to the gym. But, do you care what you look like at the gym. Do you just throw on a old pair of sweats, tank-top (or graphic tee), and a sweatshirt. Believe it or not, people look at what you look like at the gym, so following are some tips on how to look adorable at the gym.

BeBe Sport(or PH8) has high quality cute workout clothes. Following are some picture of what you can buy, with links on where you can buy them online.

Corset Jacket

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Net Print Racerback


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Now, everyone I know wears these shorts. In the fall, and if you go to my field hockey practice, you will see everyone wearing these shorts. So yep.

Nike 'Tempo' Track Shorts


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 That will be the only few things for now because I am short on time. But look forward to Part 2!!!

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