Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Everyone makes New Years Resolutions, but do you keep them? I usually make some stupid one like "Try to be nicer to my sisters" or "Eat healthier", one I will never fulfill just one to tell people when they ask me what mine is. So this year I wanted to have a really good one so I sat down in the bed and thought (and thought and thought) trying to think of a really really good resolution, and nothing, i mean nothing, came to mind. Everything I usually said before or didn't really apply to me. So if you guys have a really good News Years Resolution, comment it down below, because obviously I need some help.


Please remember: That on New Years Day, I will be changing the charity that is on the sidebar of this blog, so please post your favorite charity in the comments also, or tell me if you would like me to choose a few charities and make a poll. Please Please Please Remember!!!

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