Thursday, December 30, 2010

Update AND help!

Okay so I know long time no blog post. Lately, I have been spending time with my family since my sister is home from college and all of my family has finally been together. I has been great. But, trust me, I feel really bad for not blogging. So I sat down trying to think of a blog post idea last weekend, and nothing (and I mean NOTHING) came to mind. I have such mad ideas. They are either unimportant or uninteresting. Those are two things I don't want my blog to be. Anyway, If you have any ideas for blog posts you would like me to do, PLEASE comment them down below. Also, I was going to do a review on this massive make-up palette set a family friend got me from a drugstore for Christmas. Then I realized that I camera I was going to use to take pictures, my mother and sister took with them to Europe. So I promise once they get back the review will be up. I will be going to the mall with one of my best friends tomorrow also, so if you would like a haul, also please let me know. Thank you everyone!

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