Friday, March 11, 2011


As you all probably know already, last night there was an earthquake/Tsunami that occurred in Japan. There are many ways to support but this post will only mention 2 ways. The first way and the most fashionable way (which for me, when donating is not a main priority. I am in no way condoning that you should only donate if it has to do with fashion.) is to buy a bracelet. As a hard-core twitter addict like me, you are not searching for the right people to follow, you follow everyone. That everyone includes, Ke$ha, Derek Blasberg, Perez Hilton, Lady Gaga, and of course Lord Voldemort. Earlier today (approx. 6 hours at the time I wrote this post) Lady Gaga tweeted: 
I Designed a Japan Prayer Bracelet. Buy It/Donate here and ALL proceeds will go to Tsunami Relief Efforts. Go Monsters:
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 Of course I re-tweeted the link and I click on it. The bracelet is very simple, not very Lady Gaga right? But, Still completely effective. The bracelet says We Pray for Japan on it, in English and Japanese. The bracelet is white with redish maroon writing and has 2 hands like claws on it. The bracelet costs $5 and you can add a donation of $5 - $100 with the additional $5 of course. So if that was confusing, If you want to spend the least amount of money you would have a grand total of $10, $5 for the bracelet and $5 donation. You can also just buy the bracelet. The bracelet will not ship "til or around the 25th of March" So if you buy is know, it is just the pre-order. You can buy the bracelet on Lady Gaga's Official Website.

The other way if more simple, it the via Red Cross. All you have to do is text "REDCROSS" without the quote marks to 90999 and it will automatically charge $10 to your phone bill. REMEMBER every dollar and cent counts. Even if you can only donate a dollar, it will help someone. Give as much was you can.


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  1. A great gesture by Lady Gaga, Japan really needs our help. They keep on getting hit by aftershocks and the nuclear reactor is heading towards a meltdown.

    May all our prayers be with these disaster struck people. May god help them.

    I purchased several of these LadyGaga Bracelets, you all should do the same.

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