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Paris Fashion Week 2011: Hermes

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If you didn't know, it is Paris Fashion Week right now and there has been some excellent shows. One I was OBSESSED with was Hermes (air-mez). Hermes is a classic designer and well known for their famous an expensive Birkin Bag. To receive one of the famous, gorgeous bags up have to cough up $4,000 and wait on a 5 year waiting list.
But back on topic, I was on twitter and I saw a Tweet from Harper's Bazaar Magazine (follow Harper's Bazaar on Twitter). It was a super cute picture with the caption: "Horsing around at Hermes #pfw" It was adorable, and after seeing that picture, It made me want to go check out Hermes's Show asap, and I did. Of course, It was wonderful. The clothes were beautifully made and extremely classic. It is the perfect kind of style I like. A very minimalistic and equestrian look. They were mainly in muted colors, which makes it hard to wear head-to-toe Hermes, but super easy to mix and match designers and add right and wonderful jewelry to.

This is my favorite look out of all of them
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Some of the key items in the Hermes Fall 2011 Collection were leather (or leather looking) items, such as pants, and many poncho like items. Keep that in mind when you are fall shopping coming up. There were also, as I said earlier, many muted colors such as burnt orange, black, cream(or white), hunter green, mustard yellow, gray, and a few pieces of read. As you saw in the picture that Harper's Bazaar tweeted, they love the color orange. That is something that I have noticed in most of their collections. So, if you are a great designer and you want to create some Hermes looking clothes, I would defiantly try to find a nice flattering shade of orange on you.

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