Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Disaster Closet

The side of my room, I current purse is there and most of my gym clothes that don't fit in the drawer

Shoe pile in front of my dresser(+ a binder that I just used for a school project). As you can see I have many pairs of shoes here, a lot of sperrys, loafers, oxfords, flats, etc.

under all my gym clothes I have 2 pairs of shoes, actually in there boxes

Outside of my closet

another outside of my closest picture

the disaster of a floor in my closet. We have a another huge shoe pile. You can see some shoe boxes for my shoes, with nothing in them, and my backpack and lunch box are also on the floor of my closet

close up of the shoe pile. There are some heels, sperrys, keds, coach tennis shows, loafers, boots, etc.

the shoe boxes

the side of my closet to the right. I have a duffel bag and small suitcase 

The right side hanging clothes of my closet, some darker colored clothes and on the far far right some extra uniform pieces. Now the I got my button, I tweeted about it, I no longer have to wear a uniform for the last month of school and you can see what I will wear to school, I mainly will wear yoga pants or sweatpants, but I will still show you. I know It is not very fashionable to wear sweatpants to school but I dress up on the weekends and in the summer. Plus I walk a lot in school!

The central view of my closet. It was color-coated once or twice so it is kinda still color-coated but not really.

the top right of my closet, It has some shoes and so of there mates are in shoe pits but yeah, these are mostly flats I don't wear anymore.

A bag on the right side of my closet that a friend gave me and I put some purses in there. Mainly L.A.M.B. purses.

Underneath that bag in a bunch of junk and some field hockey stuff.

Top left of my closet I have some bags, mainly larger Coach bags, and a bunch of sandals and flip-flops 



Another view of the right side of my closet

Above the rod in my closet 

Another view of the top left of my closet 

left side of my closet 

This is hanging in my closet. STORAGE TIP: get a shoe organized and roll up t-shirts and stick them in there, so I can be hanging and saves space

right side of my closet 

In the box of on top of the rod in my closet. There is a bunch of bags I don't use anymore. Some smaller coach and no-name bags. 

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