Sunday, April 10, 2011

New York... So far

Okay, So I had to wake up at 3 AM so get on my flight, we left the house around 4 AM and got the airport around 5 AM(with a major detour). Our plane took off at 6AM. We got there in plenty of time. This was my first time bring 100% only carry-on bags so i was nervous going through security, It was no problem. At my airport there was those new the circle scanner things(I forgot was they are called). I thought I would have to go through it, I didn't so my mom did. When we told me to go in the other line, I turned back to my mom and pointed a laughed(jokingly) and the security guard noticed. He was like "I hope nothing bad happens since you were just mean to your mom like that" then he was trying to guess what purse was mine so her could re-search it, as a joke, he guessed wrong. The plane take-off would only let us bring 1 bag on the plane and the rest would be valeted. I had 3 bags so I combined 2 and 1 was valeted. The plane was smooth till the end.

We were supposed to land at LGA but the was something with the clearance or something so we stopped at JFK to refuel and we could get off there if we wished, My mom and I got off, but it took them forever to get all of our valeted bags and if we would have check our bags, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A DISASTER!!! and there was people on our plane with connecting flights, so going to Haiti. Everyone was stressed. We got to our hotel around 8-8:30AM, we ate breakfast, and went straight to IMATS.

I was kinda disappointed with IMATS, it might have been because it was the first year in NY, but whatever. I got a few things, then we went shopping in SoHo and 5th Ave and we got some things. At lunch at Rockefeller Cafe and dinner at a really good chinese place in Times Square. If you follow me on twitter you would know that my new calling is too. Went went there before dinner.

Today we ate breakfast, went shopping, shopping, and more shopping. Ate at a burger place and now we are at our hotel because my mom wanted to take a break/nap. Post another post tmw when I get home.


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