Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So right now I am at home, in my bed, bored. My mom made me stay home from school today. Yes, made me. I know this is probably something other girls would dream of, staying home from school. But, for me, there is less than 20 days of school left (my last final is on June 1 but finals end June 2) and I have a test/quiz almost everyday. To be honest, I don't know how other schools/ public schools work. But at my school, they view these last few weeks as a chance you overload our brains and fit every last thing in. This is the worst time to be sick.

Anyway, so I am at home now and doing some homework and study guides that I can do, and online shopping. I am looking at some purses, shoes, and wallets. But, I am running out of brands to look at. I obviously looking at Chanel, LV, and Lavin, but I need others. I want some brands that are not "discovered" yet. Like no Gucci or Prada. Any ideas? Give them out. There are some things I have in my cart so post yours down below and I'll check them out. Also, I will do a recent purchases post. No worries. Also, if there is anything else you think I should shop for, also post that below.


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