Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Sperrys!

Sorry for my room's ugly brown carpet. 


I <3 paintball

ballet flats- Same material and appearance as the docksiders 2 shoes up

These were my first pair!

I love sperry's. I think they are adorable and so cute. I am missing 2 sperry's in these pictures and I am sure there will be more sperry's added to the collection in the near future.

The 2 Sperry's I am missing, one of them are tan, like the paintball ones, but the paintball part is cheetah.
The other pair are like the ones pictured above accept they are black/gray.

Cheetah ones: 

There are a few differences, you can see that there are born parts of the shoes, those are tan. Like the part with the sperry boat on them, that would be tan. Sorry if I am confusing you.

Gray/Black ones: 


P.S. sorry the shoe's shoelaces aren't tied in the pictures. They are barely ever tied

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  1. Hi I am in a desperate search for Sperrys for my girlfriend color: Tiffany Blue. Any idea on where I could find these?

    If so please shoot me an email: