Thursday, June 9, 2011

EEK or CHIC? [feat. Kim Kardashian]

Here is Kim Kardashian, all decked out in Gucci, at the London launch of her new perfume. The question here is does she make you want to say eek or chic. The spring/summer Gucci line has been seen by many celebs, all looking exquisite, but this time I am not sure about it. Is it just me or does it look like she has a fat roll coming out of the top? and the skirt looks to tight? This is my opinion. Even after saying that I still think she is one of the few that could actually pull this look off. I tried to rack my mind think out who else would wear this, honestly, it was blank. So, WHAT DO YOU THINK?

One more thing that I have been noticing around, is that stappy sandals, like the ones Kim is wearing, and being worn wrong. Well, it might not me "wrong" but it a way that is not flattering. She wore them well. 



  1. hate this look in other words eeeek lol

  2. I'm loving Gucci's spring collection, but you're right, it doesn't look too good on Kim, though I absolutely adore her style normally. I have a feeling that this dress was simply a size too small...

  3. so bad! EEeek for sure~