Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

As you may know by now, my father and I don't see each other often. For father's day I didn't get him anything, because I don't know what he like and my mom didn't really think that I should get him a gift. So, my gift to my dad for Father's Day is seeing me! haha I know nothing special but it is something. I would give you the specifics but, the internet scares me a little with kidnappers and serial killers. So I don't want to do that because if you live by me or something, I don't want you to stalk me. But basically we are going to my school and up to the field to practice field hockey and do a little one on one. It is the only think I could think of to do because we can't go out to dinner because we go to church at night and we are going to dinner with my "step-dad" after. I might ask my dad to take me to the mall real quick after *wink wink* but he probably won't. Anyway this time I hope he lets me drive to the field. 

What are your plans for father's day & what are you doing/did/bought for your dad?


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