Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to wear: Strappy Sandals

Jennifer Lopez: No- The ankle strappy sandals shortens her body
AshleyTisdale: No-  The ankle strappy sandals and the tight short dress makes her tighs look largers.
Chole Sevigny: Yes- The ankle strappy sandals makes her legs look toned and muscular.

Selena Gomez: Yes- the way the dress flows and wear the sandals hit on her ankle emphasize her skinny legs.

 Audrina Patridge: Undecided- I don't like the shoes but it still makes her legs look good. The shoes are an awkward with the one strap over the toes.
Anna Kendrick: No- The tight dress again the the like "one" toe strap over the toe [even thought it is two strap] and the laces draws attention to her pale legs.
Roxy Olin: Yes- the design over the foot makes her legs look thinner and gives emphases on the calves. 

All: Yes- the was that these shoes were designed makes all these legs look good. 

Overall Best in Strappy Sandals:

Overall Worst in strappy sandals:

The first picture

This is my opinion. What's yours?



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