Sunday, June 26, 2011

I can't believe [feat. Miley Cyrus]

Yet again,  a I can't believe post featuring Miley Cyrus. This time it is not a good I can't believe. Check out what Miley Cyrus was wearing while performing in Australia. Is it just me or does some need to go to fashion rehab? I understand that she is performing and everything and she wants to cool interesting and noticeable but I think his is a bad noticeable. Anyway, do you think I am wrong? Thoughts?

Hold on! Wait! there is another one! Do you think one is better than the other? 



  1. I think they are cute :) I wouldn't wear them on the street of course, but I think for a performance they look good :)

  2. it's like the trashy look but better than Ke$ha..

  3. To me it seems as if she wanted to go Gothic, but then chickened out to do it the whole way. On second thought, it also kind of reminds me of something an elve would wear in Lord of the rings.
    But it depends on the occassion during the concert - maybe it fitted to the song she was singing, and then it'd be okay, I guess.

  4. I went to that concert (well, the one in Melbourne last Friday) and her outfits looked amazing, it's just the upclose pictures. I wished she wore more colour and it was mostly silver and black; and she had a bright red outfit.

    The reason why her outfits are like that is cause she wore the silver bra and the black bottoms (and the boots) for the whole concert and most of her clothes were stuff she could put over in 30secs since she only took breaks that were 30secs between every few songs.

    I would love it if you could check out my post on the concert, and my pics here.

  5. the second one is a little too revealing.. and i'm not really digging her bottoms on the first picture haha. i love miley but she just looks kind of different here.. oh well!
    follow back? :)