Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Bucket List

  1. Learn to Trapeze
  2. Go to college
  3. Tour a Magazine Building
  4. Meet Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick, Tina Fey, Anna Wintour, Josie Loren, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Rainn Wilson, Kim Kardashian, Ke$ha, and Troian Bellisario.
  5. See my sister go to the Naval Academy
  6. See my sister graduate from the Naval Academy 
  7. Buy a House
  8. get married
  9. have a family
  10. donate my hair
  11. buy a pair of Louboutins 
  12. have a successful blog
  13. move to New York
  14. become bicostal
  15. (if other plans fail) go to law school
  16. make varsity field hockey
  17. get a varsity letter for field hockey
  18. graduate high school
  19. have 500+ service hours before I graduate high school
  20. get a scholarship to college
  21. get an iPad
  22. get a job
  23. see my cat again
  24. see my dad more than twice a year
  25. get a BMW(get my own car)
  26. pass AP Chem
  27. pass AP History
  28. meet Steve Jobs
  29. discuss my problems about Verizon and the iPhone with Steve Jobs
  30. learn to shoot a gun
  31. make my mom proud
  32. get more than 100 followers on twitter
  33. visit London
  34. become a bi-athlete 
  35. go to the Olympics
  36. make a difference in someones life
  37. get a phd
  38. have the title of "agent" or "special agent" or "secret agent"
  39. be in love
  40. see the Mona Lisa
  41. learn to box
  42. learn to say "hello" in 25 languages and use them all
  43. become "tri-" or "tetra-"lingual
  44. meet the Pope
  45. see Pope John Paul II become a saint
  46. see the Vatican
  47. visit Lourdes and hope to see Mary 
  48. touch a River Otter
  49. touch a Seal
  50. swim with Dolphins
  51. see the Grand Wall of China
  52. See the Hello Kitty Theme Park
  53. visit all 7 continents 
  54. learn to pogo
  55. solve a rubiks cube
  56. discover my lifes purpose
  57. see Chelsea Handler to stand-up
  58. be on a talk show
  59. Meet the royal family
  60. get the key to a city
  61. own a plane
  62. see a whale
  63. heal my past
  64. learn tai-chi
  65. be at Wimbledon
  66. go to the premiere of a movie
  67. get my driver's licenses
  68. learn to surf
  69. host a party
  70. got paint-balling
  71. host a party
  72. go to a masked ball
  73. overcome my fear of Halloween and trick-or-treating
  74. meet the creator of the Sims(who is that?)
  75. say something truly inspirational that it is remembered forever
  76. Prove everyone is my grade school that they were wrong about me
  77. be on TV show
  78. spend my life happy
  79. be sponsered by someone or something
  80. have a superpower 
There will be more added, don't worry. Sorry if there are repeats. I will keep you posted on my bucket list, what I have added and what I have done. 


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