Monday, June 27, 2011

Personal: My Mother is a Rockstar!!!

Okay, I know in the post I posted yesterday, I said that to find out where and why I was on vacation to follow me on twitter but, I am so proud that I though this deserved to be put into a blog post. 

I was in Squaw Valley/Tahoe/Auburn California for the one and only Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. I mom does long distance endurance runs as a hobby and she is now attempted to do the Grand Slam of Ultra running. Now, I know that you guys don't know what that is and to be completely honest, I don't know what it is, but it is a HUGE deal. There are only 30 people attempting to do it and I believe after this ultra-marathon there are only approx. 25 left. Not many people in that group think my mom can attempt this, but I do.

So, we yesterday morning around 10 o'clock or something, honestly I have no clue what the time was, my mom finished with the time 26 hours and 50 something minutes. To me, that seems really fast because 100 miles is ridiculous, but I guess the goal time for everyone is 24 hours. The winner had the time of 15 hours something min. and the cut off times was 30 hours. If you don't know what a cutoff time is, it is the time that you have to finish at to get the medal and to be considered a finisher. My mom was trying to finish at 28 hours and she shattered that.

So this is the tribute to my mother's awesomeness. She is a rockstar in my own mind and I love her soooo much. Mom if you are reading this: I love you sooo much and I am sooo proud of you. I was so happy to be there are cheer you on til the finish and I am sure Isabelle and Erin would have done that same. Keep on going and finish this Grand Slam. Never let them underestimate you ever again. Congratulations.

I hope this post wasn't to boring for you to read.

This is what you get when you finish. A metal(not shown) and a belt buckle(shown). If you finish under 24 hours you get a silver belt buckle. If you finished between 24-30 hours you get the bronze belt buckle(shown)


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  1. Wow! I've heard of that run before on television and just thought to myself that you'd have to be some sort of superhuman. I can barely run two miles! ;) Congrats to your mum, that is amazing!