Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Review: Lather & Fizz

On Vacation, I saw this cute little bath store, if you didn't know I am addicted to bath stores like LUSH, Fortune Cookie Soaps, and/or Lux Naturals, so when I saw this store I thought "I must go in". I went is and the customer service was amazing. I didn't want to buy a lot because I didn't know if I would like it. So I just bought something small. I bought the Milk & Honey Bite Size Cupcake Gift Pack  because it was just samples and only $6.95. 

I haven't tried the bath bomb yet but I bought it mainly for the soap. The soap I loved! It lathered extremely and smelled good. I am officially obsessed with this soap and highly recommend it. 

The purchase came with 2 samples, which I don't have in front of me right now but I will post reviews on those products once I use them. I talked to the cheery women who checked me out and they both said that even when you buy online they give you samples. They also told me that the shipping online is $5.95 and to play around with the shipping because "you can buy one soap and pay $5.95 for shipping or you could buy 9 soaps for $5.95 shipping, play around with it." So the customer service was amazing. Not just in store. When I was in the store, one of the women was on the phone because someone was placing a phone order and she was so nice and accommodating to them. 

I really recommend this store. If you order anything from there, post a review in the comments or a link to the review in the comments. 


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