Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's in my Gym Bag? [aka Field Hockey Bag]

This is the bag I am currently using because I lost my lululemon bag :( I miss my Lululuemon bag soo much, it had a pocket for my shoes!!! It was even labeled left shoe, right shoe. I miss it. 

Sweatshirt, always on top, always need to have it, because where I live they weather changes instantly. 

Overview w/o sweatshirt 

Sweatshirt, today it was just my NYU one, it is usually which one is on top of my sweatshirt stack.

Tennis shoes

Overview w/o tennis shoes

I always have Vitamin water or Sobe Life Water and a waterbottle. This one is the one I used to practice outside. I would never bring this to practice/camp because I would run out of water so fast. 


Shin guards

This looks crazy but it is just soccer socks I keep in my bag for over my shin guards (obvi). They are always and always will be clean socks.

Towel and field hockey ball, I always like to have one just in case. 

Regular socks 

Just one random sock, with no mate, to keep my cell phone in. I don't want my cell phone wandering around in my bag. I like to know where it is and in a sock to protect it.

Lush Bath Bomb to keep my gym bag good smelling.

Bag #1, just for field hockey. One thing not labeled is my mouthguards  but yeah, I have one from last year and this years. I like to have a back-up.

Bag #2, This bag is also in my purse. I technically don't need it for field hockey, but I always like to have it just in case. 



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