Saturday, July 30, 2011

The bracelet I am been wearing in past post and Danier Leather

I got a few question on the bracelet I was wearing in some of my past posts. I didn't put a recent purchase post up with it in it so I guess I'll tell you about it now. My mom is obsessed if Danier Leather jackets. Danier Leather is a Canadian leather boutique so every time we go into Canada we must stop there. We also live right by the boarder of Canada so we can get into the car and drive about a hour and get there. Danier Leather also has a website but you can't order online however, you can order over the phone, which is what my mom does most of the time. 

They do not sell the bracelet on the website but I think it was about $15.
I realized that they didn't have the bracelet on it but I didn't want to waste everything I just wrote. That is why this is such a random post.


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