Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dressing Up that School Uniform

Okay, so I did a video in this last year and I wanted to do an updated one but, there is a problem. Since kindergarten I have been wearing a uniform. The colors have always been Green, navy blue, and white. When I got to high school out grade (oh course) got green plaid again. [I am going to do a brief history right now, just in case it get confusing. So I went to a private grade school obviously and our school didn't have a high school so you went to the many private high schools around. Where I live(and the type of private schools I go to) there are very few co-ed schools, we have all girls schools and all boys schools. Each all girl school has a brother school(and all boy school paired up with it, they do extra-curriculars together usually). At my particular all girls school (they best one :)) each grade has a different color skirt and it alternates. For example if you were going as a freshmen this year you would have green plaid skirts and the next year the freshmen would have blue plaid skirts. When you become a upperclassmen you get a solid color skirt(yay!) and it alternates between black and gray.] Now I have a black skirt and I am going to get it fitted on Friday and probably wouldn't have it until school is about to start. So this is what I wore the past 2 years and some of the things I plan on wearing this year.

I have 2 pairs of Tory Burch flats that I wear sometimes

As you guys know, I also have a bunch of Sperry Topsiders that I wear. 
There are a few other shoes that I wear but those are the top contenders.

For jewelry I don't wear a lot because I find that it distracts me. I get really easily distracted. But I always wear my Scapular, for those who don't know what a scapular is, which i assume most of you don't click here (for the cliff notes read paragraphs 4,5,6, &9). Many of you comment and asked about the brown necklace I always wear and why I never mentioned it. I never mentioned it because it is not really important to fashion nor is it important for you, but I do wear it every day. Then I have 2 Tiffany & Co key necklaces and a few other Tiffany necklaces that I wear. 

For bracelets, They usually annoy the living crap out of me because of how they bang on the desk but if I wear a bracelet I will wear a friendship bracelet, my pearl bracelet, or my charm bracelet. 

Where I really jazz it up is rings, I love wear awesome rings, however, ever since I got my class ring I have usually been wearing that because of how much I always wanted a ruby ring and it has a ruby in it. I can't show you my class ring, obviously, because it has my school name on it but, it is not like a traditional class ring. My class ring looks similar to the one below.
Most of the other rings I wear are from Betsy Johnson. The following one was a more recent purchased ring.
Buy ring here

With all of my classes I usually carry a backpack and my backpack is from North Face it kind of looks like the following picture accept my backpack is in the larger size and some of the colors are different.

On the days that I don't have many classes I use my Vera Bradley messenger bag(no longer available)
I don't bring a purse to school because I feel that it just gets in the way and in extra weight for me to carry but I might have to start carrying one when I turn 16 in October since I will be driving and all. I did carry around a purse for most of my freshmen year of school though.

For lunch, I usually buy lunch (if you follow me on twitter and you saw my bag to school list picture, you saw how on the list is said put money on my card, what I meant by that is put money on my school id card. At my school you can have your parents right you a check and give it to the cafe worker and she puts the money on your id card, so when you are buying lunch they just scan your card and your done) but my mom usually packs me snacks also, especially during the fall when I have a 2 hour field hockey practice after school, she likes me to eat before. Anyway, I use a Vera Bradley lunch bag.

But one I recommend to use if you don't want to use a Vera Bradley one or you think the Vera Bradley patterns are ugly(I know many people do) I am a big fan on Ted Baker.

Buy Here

So that is mainly what I do and obviously I got totally of track from clothes but we have a new president at out school (this upcoming year will be her second) and she is limiting us pretty badly, almost like I am back at my grade school(another story for another time). We must wear out skirt and blouse. We can wear our school quarter zip(huge fan) and school sweater. We used to be able to wear a school cardigan but she took that option away. Also no more patterned tights only solid black, white, and the color of your uniform (mine is black so no more extra option). For socks we can wear ankle socks and knee socks(same as tights) and that is really it. 

Down below I am going to put some items I have found and liked that can go with uniforms and lets me honest, I will purchase all of these things (accept some from Forever 21, as you know I am not a huge fan). I love mixing high end and low end together and I feel like you will probably see a lot of that in my options 

These are some of my favorite flats ever! I wear them all the time!


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