Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We have another copycat!

Okay, first of all I would like to say that I am sorry all of my posts have mainly been from Fashionista.com lately, and for that I apologize. There are many great posts on fashionista.com and I want to share the important ones with you. I wish you all could just follow me on twitter so I could just tweet them, unfortunately I cannot.

Anyway, here is the copycat situation. As you all probably know, Madonna has a clothing line called "Material Girl" in the junior section as Macy's, the line has some cute clothes but nothing I am too fond of, that is why I never talk about it. Well, the line is releasing some nail polishes-quite similar to Butter might I add. The shape of the bottles and the colors are almost exactly the same.

Take a look for yourself:
Photo: fashionista.com
Do you see what I mean?

Now I need your help. Some of you asked me on Twitter to do a High School Survival Guide Post- which I assume is mainly for those freshies out there. Anyway, my school is very different than other schools; the classes are hard, you get more freedom, you have mod scheduling(aka off hours!), for God's sake we don't even have boys at my school. 
I can still do a post and try my best with what I know, but I have never been to public school, so I only know stuff from what my friends tell me and a few other sources.
I can do a study skills post of how to survive orientation post.

You guys have to let me know!



  1. I'm out of High School already, but I guess it doesn't really make a difference what kind of school you go to. I have been to High School in different two different countries (Germany and Canada)and even though the school system was very different, the people (and what they go through) weren't.
    You could just do a post on your personal experience and how you deal with studying, free periods and the difference you believe going to an all-girls school has made for you.

  2. Oh, I forgot: I'd love for you to tweet interesting posts from fashionista! I'm already following you (I'm @GlamRomantic).