Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Personal: School Schedule [final]

I had to drop Latin and I switched my APUSH class from 6th hour to 1st because I don't want to have 2 AP's back-to-back plus Madison and Cristina are in 1st hour also.

First Semester:
AP US History(Rob)
Christian Tradition(Larkin)
Algebra II(Tarp)
Spanish 3(Hurst)
Myth Tale Legends(Mika)
AP Chem(Kitz)

Second Semester:
Algebra II (Tarp)
Women in Bible(Larkin)
20th Century American Lit(Mordenski)
AP US History(Rob)
AP Chem(Kitz)

*The stuff in parentheses is for the people in my school that are reading this, don't be confused*


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