Monday, August 1, 2011


1. Pink or purple: Pink
2. Blog or youtube: blog
3. Mascara or lipgloss: mascara
4.TeenVogue or Seventeen: Teen Vogue
5.Book or magazine: Magazine
6. Twitter or facebook: Twitter, I only go on Facebook to talk to people in my classes about question on homework or about tests
7. L'Oreal or Mabeline New York: L'Oreal
8. Scarf or hat: Scarf
9.Pencils or pens: pencils
10. Ipod or iphone: iPhone
11.Ulta or Sephora: Sephora
12.MAC or NARS: MAC but I have been getting in NARS lately
13.Fuzzy socks or Slippers: Slippers
14. A or Z: A for Anna
15. Reading/watching or posting/making videos: posting 


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