Saturday, September 3, 2011

Interviews, Guests Posts, and Questions

Okay, In the very short periods of time I have to check up on blogs and blog related things, I have noticed that many people are doing guests posts and interviews. I thought maybe once a week, in addition to my posts of that day, we could have an interview or guest post from  fellow bloggers. So comment down below if you would like to be interviewed and if you would like to see this on my blog. 

I have also been noticing that people have been doing "question" posts, which, if you don't know what that means, is where people post questions in the comments and you respond to all the questions in a post. If you would like me to do a question post also let me know but, if you have a question you can always post in on my formspring . Not many people post things on there, but I do get notified when you post on there so don't hesitate. You can also email me your questions(please put a subject relating to my blog) and tweet me you questions.

Also, while I am talking about twitter, I guess a few people have been getting angry, annoyed, and/or frustrated about how much or what I tweet. I don't think I tweet that much, I mean I know I have times where I go twitter crazy and have twitter rants but I don't think I am tweeting 24/7, and my twitter is supposed to be there to connect on a more personal level with you, so I am sorry if that isn't what you wanted. I will stop tweeting about school, field hockey, my life, my friends, my family, and my pets. The only thing that you will know about it is that I have this blog. I am sorry.


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  1. Hey!! I'd love to be interviewed and/or do a guest post for you!!