Monday, September 5, 2011

It's Game Time: What to wear to a football game

It's Game Time

It's Game Time by annaxoxx featuring vintage tanks

A cute tank top- you want to wear a tank top just in case you get warm or you go to dinner before.

A jacket: I love Patagonia jackets, they are so nice- You want to bring a jacket, not now but later on in the season, once it becomes colder and later.

Skinny Jeans- are always a staple. Check out "Mother" jeans, they are so comfy. (Remember "Mother" jeans not "Not your Daughter's Jeans"

Scarf- same reason you need a jacket, Burberry is the best.

Comfy Shoes- All of the shoes I mentioned- Toms, Sperry's, and Corso Como- are super comfy.

Minimal Jewlery- Just wear the stuff you normally wear.

Vera Bradley Thing- I forgot what it is called but it is fabulous, you can carry you phone and wallet in it! It is the best. thing. ever!

Nars Illuminator makes you stand out in the crowd

Your perfect Mascara

Peach blush

Neutral shadow

minimal, but some, lip color

Funky yet cute nail polish

Enjoy and have fun!


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