Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ORANGE! and Spirit Week

Unless you follow me on twitter, you don't know that next week at my school is spirit week. 
Here is our classes days:
Monday: Rock n' Roll
Tuesday: Athletes
Wednesday: Harry Potter
Thursday: Neon Orange
Friday: Dress up Nice

On Monday I am planning on wear liquid leggings, winged out eyeliner. leather jacket, and some kind of tank. Shoes will probably be my sisters combat boots.
On Tuesday I am planning on wearing sweats, some kind of jersey, and one of my mom's medals
On Wednesday I am planning on dressing up at Drako because my friends and I am doing a group things and we are each being a character [I have heard that a lot of people are being Drako so I might be Voldey]
*BTW* Drako, Voldey, and Snape and my bffles and the coolest peeps on the plant, besides centaurs.
On Thursday, I am obviously dressing up in head to toes orange, which brings to the reason for this post, but before that we don't know what we are calling ourselves yet. Last year we had red so we were "Red Hot Sophomores" but the officers haven't chosen what they wanted yet( (I chose Juicy Juniors).

I was really excited when I saw that Fashionista.com had this little segment for NYFW. I haven't had time to watch, look at, read, or do anything besides school and field hockey, so when I went on there really quick during a mod today i kinda freaked out! Yayy

From Fashionista.com


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