Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Personal: Annoying person and something that wouldn't last long

Look at this girl, who is a grade younger than me(if you were curious), twitter page. Do you think she is a little full of herself. She was on the field hockey team below me last year, but we practiced with them, and she had to quit because she signed a model contract. She is honestly the most obnoxious, annoying, and evil person you will/would ever met. This is not the Madison I always talking about, that is a different Madison who is nothing like her, accept for their hair :)

I know it is hard to see- and sorry of it being 99% white. When I was shading out my classes and everything, it didn't give me a option to "cut" just "clear" so sorry about that, but you can click it to see it enlarged, I think. 
This is before my 3 APUSH test scores are put up but I have/had a 4.0! If you were wondering, AP classes don't ass points to your GPA at my school so even if I have an A in APUSH or AP Chem. My GPA would still be a 4.0

How was everyone's first day of school?


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  1. people like that are annoying.. that's why i unfollow hehe