Friday, October 7, 2011

Birthday Wishlist: Very Classy by Derek Blasberg

If you don't follow me on twitter(like on the side) then you don't know that my wonderful and awesome 16th Birthday is coming up. One Week and a day, like I am counting. 

Anyway, I didn't really ask for anything for my birthday. The ONLY thing I asked for is my license and a STX field hockey lanyard that you can get for $3 at Dick's Sporting Goods. I mean, I didn't even ask for a car, but we kinda already have one for me. Whatever. Anyway, when I saw this, to admit I was kinda tardy to the party because of school, but Derek Blasberg- one of my all time favorite people, has wrote a new book. 

I wrote a post a while ago on his book Classy, which I loved but know there is a new book Very Classy which is available for pre-order on Amazon Now! Even though I haven't read it, I know it is going to be awesome.

Photo Credit: Amazon
Off Topic: I have been trying my hardest to put blog posts up everyday but you need to remember, SCHOOL COMES FIRST and since I am kinda on the verge of failing by AP classes, they take priority. Plus I am taking the PSAT on Wednesday and the ACT on the 22nd. Having a good consistent blog means nothing when getting into a good college.

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