Thursday, November 10, 2011

Be Unique: Make A Custom Scent

I have always want a "signature scent" that know one else had, a scent that when people smelled something like it, they would think of me. So a little bit ago I was smelling a bunch of different scents and found the perfect combination, thanks to Leighton Meester, white tea, fig, and sandalwood. So, once I found out the scents I wanted, I went to the place where you can basically get anything you want custom made, Esty

Going through all of the names and searching everything form "perfumes" to "custom made perfumes where you can choose your own scents" I got a lot of rejections. Then I came across Tracy for Braggin' Rights Bath and all it took was on question 
Could you do a white tea, fig and sandalwood oil scent?

She responded quickly and she was so nice. I will probably buy this scent for the rest on my life. So I would like to thank Tracy for making this scent and be so accommodating.

I posted to link to Braggin'RightsBath Etsy, and the exact post for the perfume below. If you decide to buy, and I do recommend it, please tell her I sent you. 



*This post is not sponsered*

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  1. Thank you so much Anna! I am so glad that you came to my shop! What a lovely post you have written about Braggin' Rights Bath- Thank you again!