Friday, December 30, 2011

The Magazine with the best email newsletter is...

So really quick before I do this post I would like to tell you that I will try to get the contest post uploaded by tomorrow morning. I have a feeling that I will be up all night studying to finals which are coming up in about 2 weeks and finishing The Bluest Eye for Myth, Tales, and Legends. Anyway, I hope you all participate in the contest :)

Now onto the post:

So, as a fashionista I basically get every magazines e-newsletters if they offer them and you know when some are so bad and so unimportant that you unsubscribe well, with Glamour Magazines e-newsletters I can't wait until I get another. They are so interesting and quick to read, I love them so much. Some a make-up ideas or hair ideas and some have to do with fashion, either way, they are awesome I have hope that you all subscribe!

Below I have 2 E-newsletters from Glamour


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