Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Opinions!!!

So I seems that everyone voted for the Mulberry but when I was searching, I found so really cute Mulberry's besides the standard Alexa so please help!!!!


This bag is discontinued but I am sure I can find it somewhere.

Okay, opinions?


Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm on pinterest!

I am not really sure I how I am going to use it yest but I thought I would let you know.

There is a link below so you can follow me or check it out!!!!

Pinterest Logo



I have been saving up like crazy and I finally have enough to buy a Mulberry Alexa.
However, lately I have been considering a Balenciaga instead!

I am going to post some pictures and comment below and what you think I should get

I am also trying to see if I can find somewhere by me that sells like tan balenciaga because I really really like those.

Tell me what you think?


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

*UPDATED* Personal Blogs!

So, as you know, for sometime now every once in a while I have been doing personal posts. If you have never read one, it is basically a look into my personal life like music I like, a funny story, or something about school.

Upon thinking about it, I was thinking about doing one every week or so. So I thought it would be cool if we could come up with a cool name of them

So if you thought a cool name for them or something if you could comment them down below.

Also for more about my personal life follow me on TWITTER!!!! [link on the side]

Here is my personal post for today!
Yet again, it has to do with music.

I actually do get a lot of questions about the music I listen to because I do listen to kinda unusual music. Everyone if my family has a different taste a music. Isabelle [my twin sister] listens more to Rise Against (or here) Breaking Benjamin  and A7X (Advenge Sevenfold).  Erin (my older sister) listens more the The Grateful Dead and the Avett Brothers.  

As for me I obviously listen to the top 40 songs and songs like that but, some of my favorite artists include but are not limited to: Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, Leighton Meester and Check in the Dark, Mindy Gledhill, Taylor Swift, The Pierces, Owl City, Lady GaGa(obvi), Ke$ha (is my life!!!), Il Volo, Superchick, SPICE GIRLS(will never die in my heart, I own the movie and a concert on VHS), Lenka, and sooo many more. 

I just listed some off the top of my head but I am positive there are more.

Some of my favorite songs follow:

This is probably one of the coolest music video!

I got a VYou account!
I will put the link below so you can follow and ask questions.
If you don't know what a VYou account is, it is where you can ask questions and I will post a video with the answer. 

It is actually really cool and I hope I get questions :)


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fashion Interview: Li Ting Tey from Circle and Hemipshere

1.      What is your name, age, general location, and blog?
Name: LiTingTey
General Location: Malaysia
2.      How would you describe your style and do you believe that you demonstrate it through your blog? Fun, vintage, simple, classy. I love to try everything.
3.      Why did you start your blog? I always love blogging since I’m 11 years old. Actually I never really think of the reason why I want to start this blog, it just happen. Just a another normal day , I wake up and I turn on my computer and make a new blog .   
4.      Have you had many opportunities since you started you blog, for example with advertisers and sponsors?  Not really. Circle And Hemisphere is still new to me, I started this blog last year ,  I have a blogshop , collaborate with VERVAIN.  Every month, I’ll do a fashion giveaway with some fashion piece that I pick up from vervain for my readers.
5.      Do you connect with your readers? If yes, by what means?
6.      Besides blogging, do you have any hobbies? Ya, fashion design is another love in my life, sometime I will buy some fabric and do a dress for myself.
7.      What does it take, in your opinion; do create a good and quality blog post? For me , I think pictures quality is very important . Having amazing photos will help to take your site to another level.
8.      If you could live in any city in the world, What city would it be and why?
Mm.. that’s a hard one, I would have to say New York
9.      How much time, on average, do you spend on your blog per day?  Around 2 and 3 hours.
10.  What do you think is the “best” blog design?  Simple and classy
11.  What celebrity would you say has the best style? Blake lively.
12.  Do you have a favorite blog? If so, what is it?  Well… these are the top 3 favourite - Fashiontoast, seaofshoes, kayture
13.  What would you say is your favorite fashion book? vogue
14.  Do you spend the time to use proper grammar on you blog? Ya, i do.
15.  What show you say has the best fashion?  Gossip Girl
16.  Are you honest in your blog posts? Yes.
17.  Who would you say is your favorite designer? Versace & Elie Saab
18.  If you could have one signature piece, what would it be? Shoes.
19.  Do you have a favorite quote, if so what is it? 
"We are what we say; we are what we are what we do; we are what we think. Don't be afraid to think below the surface."                 - Lena Brown
20.  What is one message you are trying to convey through your blog? 
Keep your dreams alive