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Fashion Interview: Daniel from 'That's so New York'

First of all don't hate me because this was suppose to go up yesterday! But from now on I am going to do a Fashion Interview Post every Tuesday for the near future! So here is this weeks post form Daniel. I hope you enjoy as much as I do and make sure to follow him!
Daniel, from That's so New York, says this about his blog: "I like to focus primarily on independent design - as I like to promote emerging talents, rather than large commercial brands and labels. I admire journalism, modern art, surrealism, fashion (of course), photography, vintage clothing, music and film (just a handful of my interests there - so you can try and get to know what I'm about, etc.)" 
What is your name, age, general location, and blog?

My name is Daniel Dunt and I’m 16-years-old. I’m a British blogger, and am located in England, United Kingdom – around 40 minutes or so from London. My blog is titled That’s so New York.

How would you describe your style, and do you believe that you demonstrate it through your blog?

My “style” tends to change quite often, because I get bored really easy. Recently I’ve been opting for a sort of American-prep look with boots and a pair of trousers, alongside graphic tee’s which I tuck in and then belt up. It’s pretty boring really – but I’m not exactly the trendiest of guys. I usually just pick up things which I like, and hope that it will somehow “go” with another item I already have.

Do I demonstrate my style through my blog? Hmm, good question. I tend to write about women’s fashion quite a lot, as it seems to be a little more creative a lot of the time – yet when referring to the style I admire, I think it comes through in the blog. I’m all for independent and unique, quirky labels – and they’re the type of labels I write about the majority of the time, whilst blogging.

Why did you start your blog?

I may be a little sad, but I know that it was January 14th, 2011 exactly. So yeah, I’ve been blogging for almost a year now.

Have you had many opportunities since you started you blog, for example with advertisers and sponsors?

I wouldn’t say that I’ve had a ridiculous amount of opportunities in the form of advertisers and sponsors – as I rarely work with brands, unless I truly believe in them and admire their work. Yet if you’re perhaps talking about contacts, I would say that I’ve had some wonderful opportunities. I’ve had the chance to build relationships with some delightful designers, who are so, so talented. Also, just recently I attended the launch party/event after winning a competition which was running via Independent Fashion Bloggers. Whilst at the event I was able to take a front-row seat and chat to the likes of Thom Neal and Stephanie Grace Foy – who are two of the nicest designers you’ll ever meet, guaranteed.

Thom Neal
Source: Modelparties

Do you connect with your readers? If yes, by what means?

Hmm, well, I try to? I have my various social feeds, such as Twitter and the blog Facebook page – where I frequently connect with the readers. Also, I do occasionally see the odd email or two from a reader hitting my inbox, and I always try to reply to them – even if it is just a casual “how are you?”

Besides blogging, do you have any hobbies?

In addition to the blogging, I really enjoy photography and hope to expand on some street-style work as we head into the spring and summer months. I am also the press and media representative for a handful of designers/brands, and do a little freelance work also. Apart from that, I simply attend college and go for the odd meal or two with friends, go shopping, watch movies and listen to music, etc.

What does it take, in your opinion; do create a good and quality blog post?

I would say that as long as you’re being honest and posting about something which you admire and want to share, then you have yourself a “good” post. I would advise that you always stay true to your own personal taste, and don’t go off subject just so you can boost the readership – as your readers are there and comeback for you and your opinions/views, and they don’t want anything else but that. I mean, it’s not exactly difficult to be yourself, right? 

If you could live in any city in the world, which city would it be and why?

Well, it would of course have to be New York (I know, I’m a walking cliché.) I am obviously currently based in the United Kingdom, yet if I got the chance, I’d love to move to New York someday.

How much time, on average, do you spend on your blog per day?

Well, that entirely depends on my mood. Sometimes I really get into blogging and can spend an entire day writing posts and “sharing” items which I like via my social feeds – but sometimes I’m just a little tired or want a break, and won’t blog at all. I’m not one of them bloggers who feels like they have to post every single day – I simply wait until something pops up which I want to share, and then consequently I jot something up and post it to the blog.

What do you think is the “best” blog design?

A simple answer – there isn’t one. Everyone has their own opinion on what they consider to be the “best” and most admirable, yet obviously that changes all the time. I’m very picky when it comes to imagery for my own posts – as I’m borderline obsessed with sitting there for hours, starring at my laptop screen as I try to figure out whether an image is a little blurry or not. I think that if you have an even combination of pragmatic imagery and high-quality content, then the design doesn’t really matter.

What celebrity would you say has the best style?

I may be a little biased (as I’m borderline addicted to her), yet I’d have to go for Marina Diamandis of Marina and the Diamonds. I’m obsessed with her as a vocalist, style “icon”, and individual. She’s always prancing around in quirky vintage pieces, or brightly coloured dresses and skirts – and that really appeals to me and what I like about fashion.

Do you have a favorite blog? If so, what is it?

It would be impossible to tell you just one, so I’m afraid I’m going to have to name two or three. Right now I’m a huge fan of Norwegian blogger, Barbro Andersen. She always looks outstanding and has a really “cool” yet calm style. Alongside Barbro, I think that Swedish blogger; Annika Murkland of According to Annika is fantastic – with a similar style/blogging method. Lastly, street-style blog I’M KOO by New York-based street-style photographer, YoungJun Koo is a favorite of mine. YoungJun always manages to snap delightful images and I’M KOO is a blog I could sit and flick through all day long. 

What would you say is your favorite fashion book?

I’ll admit that I’m not exactly one for fashion books, and have never really read any books which are specifically orientated around fashion – although, I don’t mind a magazine or two. I’m a huge fan of Dazed & Confused and i-D magazine – as they’re fitting to my personal taste when it comes to fashion, photography, music, and anything else really.

Do you spend the time to use proper grammar on you blog?

I try my best to use correct grammar and spelling on the blog, yet I know that I do occasionally slip up. If I read through after (yeah, so I sometimes do that) and see a mistake, I will usually correct it. But you know, we’re all human after-all. 

Are you honest in your blog posts?

Yes, most definitely. If you met me in real life, you’d realize that I’m an extremely opinionated person – and therefore, I would never post about something which I didn’t truly admire (or sometimes I would, but then throw in some constructive criticism or sorts.)

Who would you say is your favorite designer?

Well, it changes all the time – but as this present moment in time? I’d have to go for Thom Neal, closely followed by Stephanie Grace Foy. Since the launch party/event, I’ve been looking into their work a little further and I have to say, I really admire their whole aesthetic.

Also, Diana Martinez of Estela Balan is a good friend of mine. In addition to being an extremely talented designer, Diana has also been like a mentor in a way. She has been giving me advice and simply been a fantastic friend. Not many people know this yet, but I am actually currently in the process of developing my own label – and Diana is helping me out with that too (giving me tips, etc.) I think that in addition to having a talent for design, a designer has to have a wonderful personality too, and Diana has that.

If you could have one signature piece, what would it be?

It would have to be the “Colonel Mustard” Coat by Thom Neal. It’s a piece I’ve been obsessed with for ages now, yet I haven’t been able to purchase it just yet.

Do you have a favorite quote, if so what is it?

I don’t have a favorite as such, but anything from surrealist artist, Salvador Dali really grabs me.

What is one message you are trying to convey through your blog?

It would have to be, to support emerging and newcomer designers and labels. There are so many talented designers out there, and they deserve recognition! 

Source: That's so New York


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