Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fashion Interview: Steffi from Sing Simple

What is your name, age, general location, and blog?
My name is Steffi Singh. I’m fourteen years old and situated in the Caribbean. My blog is Sing Simple (http://singsimple.wordpress.com)
How would you describe your style and do you believe that you demonstrate it through your blog?
My style is conservative. Sometimes it’s edgy, other times it’s bohemian/indie. I do have my own aesthetics because I make a lot of my accessories.
Why did you start your blog?
I was thinking about what talents I would explore for when I’m submitting college applications in a few years, and among them my love of fashion was the only one I couldn’t express readily. The blog was made to solve that.
Have you had many opportunities since you started you blog, for example with advertisers and sponsors? 
I just started my blog a few days ago so none yet.
Do you connect with your readers? If yes, by what means?
I try to respond to all their comments and comment back on their blogs. I take submissions for “Reader of the Week” where readers send in their best outfits and get featured on the blog.
Besides blogging, do you have any hobbies?
Art, studying, music, studying, reading and writing, studying.
What does it take, in your opinion; do create a good and quality blog post?
I think a good blog post depends on what you’re blogging about, but the basic idea is to express your opinion while making the reader feel like the article is written for him.
If you could live in any city in the world, What city would it be and why?
I would live in London because the calm and cold of England would be a pleasant change. And maybe some day I’d be able to go to Fashion Week.
How much time, on average, do you spend on your blog per day?
I spend many hours per day on my blog. I only have that time because I’m on break. The trick when you’re busy is to plan out and write multiple blog posts in your free time so you can C.P.P. (copy, paste and post).
What do you think is the “best” blog design?
For fashion bloggers, a clean, crisp, simple design is best. There are lots of cute and attractive designs, but those aren’t for fashion blogs. Especially with all the pictures, a fancy design would make your blog take forever to load.
What celebrity would you say has the best style?
Demi Lovato. She has her edgy moments and her boho moments. Not to mention her red carpet dresses.
Do you have a favorite blog? If so, what is it?
What would you say is your favorite fashion book?
Haven’t read any yet.
Do you spend the time to use proper grammar on you blog?
Definitely. I hate text chat. There are people who can’t understand text chat. There are no textaholics who can’t read Standard English.
What show you say has the best fashion?
If you mean TV show, then What Not to Wear. If you mean runway show, too many to choose from.
Are you honest in your blog posts?
Yes. I think all bloggers should be honest.
Who would you say is your favorite designer?
Mondo Guerra. There’s no competition there.
If you could have one signature piece, what would it be?
A charm bracelet with charms that show the different aspects of my personality.
Do you have a favorite quote, if so what is it?
I really can’t choose one.
What is one message you are trying to convey through your blog?
People should try creating their own fashion and style; it helps you learn more about yourself.

Source: Sing Simple


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