Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Opinions!!!

So I seems that everyone voted for the Mulberry but when I was searching, I found so really cute Mulberry's besides the standard Alexa so please help!!!!


This bag is discontinued but I am sure I can find it somewhere.

Okay, opinions?



  1. Mulberry is just such a great brand! I'm always in awe when I'm browsing on their website. About the Roxanne: I remember that Missglamorazzi mentioned in one of her videos that she felt that the Roxanne was better constructed than the Alexa. I've never held one of these bags in my hand (no store...), so I don't know about that. As far as style goes, the Alexa is one of my absolute favorites of the moment! (But all Mulberry bags are cute, so whatever you're decision, it's going to result in a cool bag)
    But if you're really not sure which one to get, I would wait for a little while. The bags aren't going to run away and you don't want to end up spending a lot of money on one bag, just to end up prefering another!

    Hope that helps

  2. I am loving the first bag. Mulberry is such a great brand with pieces that are classic and will last you forever!

  3. i love the second bag, its such a pretty creme color. that bag could honestly go with anything. and mulberry is such a good brand, their quality is amazing :)

  4. the first one. definitely ! :)