Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New You: 12 Things to Help Create A New You

New Year, New You: 12 Things to Help Create A New You

1) Statement Necklaces can really make a difference is every outfit can every women should have at least 5 go-to statement necklaces in their closet. They make an outfit.
2) Modified Basis really jazz up a basic outfit. It tells someone I just through this on, it is simple and it is classy. I really love these.
3) A basic black a-line skirt goes great with EVERYTHING! you can even pair it with a basic tee, tights, and  brown boots (yes it looks good!) A-line is forever and skin tight can look trashy.
4) Loose Shorts are a major trend, summer or winter, tights or not, boots, heels, flats, or sandals, They look great with everything.
5) Scarves, no matter what color, style, shape, material they are amazing to have and will never get old!
6) Awesome Sunglasses, Karen Walker always hits these right, they add a like funk to an outfit and they add so much personality to something rather basic.
7) Nude Bag, another basic that is necessarily and is really in right now!
8) Loafers. Loafers Loafers Loafers! Loafers are my life. They are so comfortable and no personal, whether you get a solid or pattern or personalized. There is that type of person who wears loafers.
9) Bright Blazers are so unique and take a certain, bold, and confident person to pull off. If you wear one you are awesome!
10) Bright Lips pr Dark lips, Interesting Lips! similar to the bright blazer, they attract people to you and make you noticeable!
11) Resolutions, can you do anything productive in the new year with out some type of Resolution!
12) ONE simple piece of jewelry that you will never take off to remind you of your resolution! Whether it is a tiny ruby ring (personal choice) or a Tiffany Bangle. Make sure it is always on! It could even be a knockoff to help you achieve that you buy yourself the real one by the end of the year! Either way you need some sort of inspiration!


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