Friday, January 27, 2012


I have been saving up like crazy and I finally have enough to buy a Mulberry Alexa.
However, lately I have been considering a Balenciaga instead!

I am going to post some pictures and comment below and what you think I should get

I am also trying to see if I can find somewhere by me that sells like tan balenciaga because I really really like those.

Tell me what you think?



  1. I loveee the Mulberry one, I don't have the original, but I have two very similar and I love that type of purse. The Balenciaga one is really cute too! If you like wearing purses on your arm I would say Balenciaga but if you wear them on your shoulder I would go for Mulberry :)

  2. I love both of these purses - they're incredibly beautiful. Maybe you should just head some place where you can see both bags for yourself and get a feeling for the material, the size and which one you're most comfortable carrying around all day. I'd also consider their purpose, if you want to use the bag for school, you should make sure if the size is right :)

  3. I would definately choose Mulberry. It just looks more special and...oh well, I just adore it :)

    Daria, the Fashionsurfer

  4. Mulberry Alexa! :) Is my opinion because is more me. It's just more elegant and glam, but at the same time you can make it casual, just choose what to wear with it. And rock it!

    xoxo, Luísa (L's Secrets: A Girl Like Me)