Wednesday, January 25, 2012

*UPDATED* Personal Blogs!

So, as you know, for sometime now every once in a while I have been doing personal posts. If you have never read one, it is basically a look into my personal life like music I like, a funny story, or something about school.

Upon thinking about it, I was thinking about doing one every week or so. So I thought it would be cool if we could come up with a cool name of them

So if you thought a cool name for them or something if you could comment them down below.

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Here is my personal post for today!
Yet again, it has to do with music.

I actually do get a lot of questions about the music I listen to because I do listen to kinda unusual music. Everyone if my family has a different taste a music. Isabelle [my twin sister] listens more to Rise Against (or here) Breaking Benjamin  and A7X (Advenge Sevenfold).  Erin (my older sister) listens more the The Grateful Dead and the Avett Brothers.  

As for me I obviously listen to the top 40 songs and songs like that but, some of my favorite artists include but are not limited to: Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, Leighton Meester and Check in the Dark, Mindy Gledhill, Taylor Swift, The Pierces, Owl City, Lady GaGa(obvi), Ke$ha (is my life!!!), Il Volo, Superchick, SPICE GIRLS(will never die in my heart, I own the movie and a concert on VHS), Lenka, and sooo many more. 

I just listed some off the top of my head but I am positive there are more.

Some of my favorite songs follow:

This is probably one of the coolest music video!

I got a VYou account!
I will put the link below so you can follow and ask questions.
If you don't know what a VYou account is, it is where you can ask questions and I will post a video with the answer. 

It is actually really cool and I hope I get questions :)


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