Saturday, January 21, 2012

Running Late! What to wear?

Running Late! What to wear?

So, you are running late, what's new? 
Now that your are in a rush, what do you wear? I have the key.

Stick to the classic skinny jeans or leggings that should always be on the top of your drawers. NEVER wear sweat pants in public if you are not going to the gym. Come on! It takes 30 seconds to put on jeans or leggings. 

For tops you have some options. You can choose chunky knits that it one item and quick and easy to put on that adds a classic look to an outfit. You can choose a loose blouse, it will add a professional look to an outfit, just make sure it is not wrinkly. Finally, if you are going for a laid back look and still want to look put together, you can wear a loose T-shirt, that is not all cut up. 

Add a pair of Lavin flats, Toms, or sneakers; pick up for go-to everyday bag and go!

For Makeup: put a loose powder on, curl your lashes and put a dab of mascara on, and take a cheek and lip tint in the car to put on at a stop light! REMEMBER to brush your hair!!


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