Saturday, February 25, 2012

Personal Update: Junior Year Task

This is just a really quick update on two colleges I am currently looking at!
Also, I am not only looking at the colleges I post, I do have my back-ups picked and a few other school that my mother rejects and says I will NOT be going to because they are not the main campus. For example, I recently visited St. John's University, Manhattan Campus and I LOVED it! I was one building, which is something I am not thrilled about, but the area it perfect. It was still in the city but it was a completely residential area and I wanted to move there ASAP! Plus there was a Whole Foods literally around the corner, and I don't think you guys know this but there are two places in the world that can always cheer me up, which are Whole Foods and Costco. Random, I know but I love them!!!
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