Wednesday, March 7, 2012

...and out the door!

I rarely ever put on make-up on weekdays to go to school. I mean, come on, unless I want one of the old, male, MARRIED, teachers to ask me out, but sometimes, I get it, you want to look nice. Believe me, if I wen to public school, or a school with boys, I would be wearing make-up everyday. However, when I wear make-up, mainly on weekends or on days that I have to give a presentation, I want it to be quick and to the point. 

Here are my quick items I use to get out the door, or my skincare/make-up routine:

I try to remember to always moisturize. I adore Kiehl's products, especially this produce. It is so light and not greasy. I recommend it so much. 

To be completely honest, I just bought this product and I haven't used it yet but I usually just put on a tinted moisturizer WITH SPF! (If anyone knows any good tinted moisturizer please let me know!)

I cannot explain to you how much I love this mascara, I only thing I don't love about it, is that it is $25. However it is amazing! It even stays on after I was my face... There are not enough words to describe my love! MAKE SURE YOU CURL YOUR LASHES, that is something I do every morning after putting in my contacts!

If I have time I will put a black line on my upper lashes, a subtle cat-eye type of look! I usually use the Sephora angled brush to apply.

I love LIP AND CHEEK tints because you can use them for so many things! I would be lying if I told I have never used my lip and cheek tints for eye shadow too.
Some other good lip and cheek tint type items are:

I take a Korres Lip Butter wherever I go because I do use them for everything! I LOVE THESE WITH ALL MY HEART AND RECOMMEND THEM SO MUCH!

This is another product I always have with me because it CAN be used for everything. However, IMPORTANT- get the Rosebud Perfume Co. one not the one(pictured above) not the one at Bath & Body Works, I don't known why do they are different!

What products do you use when heading out the door? What is your everyday makeup routine?


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