Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Blog Lovin!

Okay, I read blogs all day, erryday (haha sorry I really just like saying erryday). Usually if you comment and post your blog in the comments of a blog post, I will look at it. Also, I am constantly looking at all the blogs on Independent Fashion Bloggers and when I find a blog I will obviously follow them and check that blog everyday.

I have been super stressed lately and hell week starts tomorrow! If you don't know what hell week is, however (I think there are many meanings) it is the week before a play or musical when basically you are at school way into the nights hours, I think I will be there until 8ish, but my best friend, Cristina, is in the pit, my other friend Erin, is doing lights, and a few other friends are doing other things, however I am backstage organizing costumes. 

Anyway, I am super off topic now! I found a blog on the Links A La Mode section on Independent Fashion Bloggers, I found a blog that I love, Macarons and Mcqueen.

She doesn't have many followers, nor does she post everyday, but I love her outfits and she is adorable!

All Photos from Macarons and McQueen

Check her out and let me know what you think!


FYI: Macarons and McQueen did not ask me to make this post nor is she aware that this post if being made, yet. This is my 100% honest opinion. 


  1. I will definitely check her out! She looks adorable:)

  2. That's so sweet of you! It was so nice of you to post about me! I really love your blog! It's so great! Thank you for your support!!


  3. she is too cute! thank you for the recommendation!