Thursday, March 15, 2012

What to Wear: College Tour

As a normal, junior in high school, I am obviously touring colleges. When I went to tour my first college a month or so ago, I did not know what to wear. I didn't want to be the one person who isn't taking anything seriously nor do I want to who looks like they are arriving at the office. To be honest, I did not know what to wear. I usually don't worry about things like this because I usually have somewhat of an idea and then I freak out about other things. This time I knew what I would say if they asked me a question, given I have been thinking about this since middle-school but I never knew what to wear. For college interviews, I have my outfit already picked out, for one at least. 

When I asked my mom about what to wear, she was clueless, probably because she was working when I was talking to her, anyway, I went to google, they were not that big of help. So, I ended up going with what I though would look okay, and it went fine. But, I don't want my lovely followers to be in the same fickle situation I was in.  Here are some of the things I would recommend to wear and some tips!

College -1
I loved this Mango dress when I saw if and It looks casusal because it looks like a two piece, but not. I would pair if with some cute, but comfortable oxfords or ballet flats - remember you will be walking, Also take a simple satchel- that matches.

Recommend: Tory Burch Flats
They are so comfortable

college 2

This outfit it a little more classy. Pair a classic blouse (this one is from H & M) and a classic, black, a-line skirt everyone should  have in their closet. Take a simple dark colored bag, flats, comfortable heels, or sandals (only if in the summer) and pair with a simple pendent and a stack of bracelets. 

Recommend: Check out Sorelle in Style's Bare Wrist Fix on how to wear multiple bracelets
*Note* It is not just one "Bare Wrist Fix" post I just linked one for you 

college 3

For something a little more relaxed, take a hint from the J Crew Catalog. Take some scout chinos, a simple, not run down, nice shirt, comfy flats (Lanvin or Aldo- thanks For Love of Retail) or some comfy wedges (Tory Burch). Use a bag that expresses your style- make sure your outfit matches.  

Recommend: Click on the links above!

colleg 4
In the summer, if it is really hot, you are not going to wear pants or a long sleeve blouse, here is what I recommend to you. 

High waisted shorts, classic and classy, they make you look put together and keep you cool. Pair it with a simple tee and keds, theyare also good for you to walk around in. 

Do NOT wear college apparel that is not the college you are seeing.
Do NOT wear feels that are uncomfortable.
Do NOT start flirting with men on campus.
Do NOT insult anyone on campus to make anyone feel uncomfortable.
DO compliment your tour guide if a situation comes up, do NOT go out of your away and make everyone uncomfortable. 
DO ask for more information
DO the interview if it is "recommended" that basically means take it (kind of like the essay on the ACT)
USE your manners
DO your best to say please and thank you.

If the weather does not permit:



  1. I love the second outfit! wonderful post idea...


  2. Good luck on all your college interviews! I do am happy that they don't make us take interviews in Germany, but only admit us on our HS transcript... otherwise, I'm sure I'd freak out! :)
    I think it's important to wear something in which you feel comfortable and like yourself, but that still looks put together and age-appropriate! You should look like you care about what you look like, but that you didn't spend hours thinking about it (even if you did ;) ) Just be yourself and focus on the interview which I'm sure you're prepared for great! :)