Monday, April 30, 2012

Pairings: White Jeans

Whtie Jeans has been a major every summer since, from what I remember, I was born. However, one of the things I hate about summer is when people are wearing outfits that just don't go together. I know you can say that it is their opinion, but really, come on! White jeans are one of those items that people are always wearing, well awkwardly. Here are some ways I would pair my white jeans, and, as always,  they're options for different occasions.

Jeans in all of the outfits are Mih white jeans.
white jeans 1

White Jeans 2

White Jeans 2 by annaxoxx featuring a scoopneck tee

Tee: French Connection (similar)
Scarf: (similar)
Shoes: Alexander McQueen (similar)

white jeans 3

white jeans 3 by annaxoxx featuring black tops

Shirt: Wildfox
Shoes: Toms

white jeans 4

white jeans 4 by annaxoxx featuring a polka dot blouse

Shirt: Equipment (similar)
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

How will you be wearing white jeans this summer?


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