Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Photo of the Day: Gilmore Girls

Photo from FashionChalet.tumblr.com via tumblr

I have always had a obsession with Gilmore Girls, I think since 4th or 5th grade I would do my homework while watching it all the way up to earlier this year (or maybe last) when ABC Family took it off the air (now it plays at 11 AM) and ruined the tradition. I got the box set of all 7 season for Christmas 2 years ago and I watch usually watch in my room when I am getting ready to go to bed. It's fair to say I have an obsession, however I do any bigger and better obsessions. 

What is your obsession show that is no longer on tv?

By the way, It is Spring Break for me starting today! Yippee!!! Who else is excited!!! I know that the public schools around be had this whole week off, jelaous. however, I have all next week off! I will try to get some Outfit of the Days up for you chicas(or puellae in latin)!

Since I am off school and I know everyone else is off school Thursday- Sunday, if you would like me to do a BlogTV or UStream, let me know!



  1. I never really was able to get into Gilmore Girls, but I still have an unhealthy obsession with Gossip Girl.


    Mademoiselle Meese

  2. I think the show I am most obsessed with right now is Coronation Street which is a soap here in the UK. I can talk about it for hours, almost as much as I can talk about Harry Potter ha-ha. I love 90210, One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl too at the moment :)

    Have a beautiful day :)


  3. That's kinda creepy, because that's exactly like me. I had an obsession with Gilmore Girls, every time I got home from school I would watch it and even creepier I got the whole box set for Christmas 2 years ago from my aunt!