Monday, April 16, 2012

Trouble in Paradise

My computer, oh my computer. 
I think most of you know that the computer I have, I had to buy through my school. 
In my opinion, it is total crap, but I love it to death. I think everyone has some type of love-hate relationship  with their computer/ laptop. 

The computer I have is thHP Tablet PC 2730p. If you asked ANYONE in my family about HP, I mean ask anyone, you would find out, promptly, that HP sucks and we would never freely purchase from them. It is not just a thing about PCs (even though we are a total Apple family), we have loved that Dells that we have had, it is literally just HP.

Anyway, back on topic, my computer, out of no where, decided that every time I close the part where the screen is supposed to turn (I don't know the name of the part) decided it was going to pop off. Sweet right? I will be the first to admit, I am always on my computer, but I haven't dropped in a solid 6 + months, so there is no reason for my computer to being doing this. 

So maybe a month ago, I went to my school tech office, because my computer is still under warranty and  they can fix it. I hate going to tech because every time I go in there they wipe my computer clean, even if it is something simple like my internet is not connecting to the school Wi-Fi (plus they always blame things on me using Google Chrome). 

Anyway, I backed all of my photos and school work on DropBox and on flash drives and delivered it to tech today, where they are shipping it off to HP (it has already arrived) ='(
However, I delivered it to them 5th hour today, forgetting that I took notes 2nd hour, and I have a test tomorrow, great right?
I have emailed a few people from my class but they aren't emailing me back.

Love life, right?

Any computer trouble stories you would like to share?

{Photo from Drunk and Exhausted via Google images}


P.S. The computer I have a loan sucks, it really does. I will probably tweet pictures of it later tonight!
P.P.S. I changed my twitter names from @secretbazarr to @lifeinmagazines, I thought it might be simpler for you. I think I have changed all my twitter links, if you notice that one is not changed, please let me know!

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  1. My computer never seems to be working perfectly so I'm kind of used to it by now.. there's always something.
    Best of luck with yours, hope you manage to mend it!