Tuesday, May 1, 2012

best thing in a while

I don't like coffee.
Nope, never have and probably never will.
I like lattes and cappuccino but no coffee. This make pulling all nighters hard. However, when I was walking through Target the other day with my mom, I saw this Starbucks drink- automatically I was intrigued. 
Basically it is a flavored starbucks energy drink that I am OBSESSED WITH.

I LOVE the Rasberry Pomegrante and the Strawberry Lemonade(it doesn't really taste like Strawberry Lemonade) but I haven't tried the Orange Melon- I probably wouldn't like it because I don't like Oranges or melons.
[The Stawberry Lemonade tastes like Izze Pomegranate or blackberry, I don't remember]

The plus side is that they have 60 calories!

Go out and buy them now!
Did I mention they are carbonated?


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  1. Oh My God. This is going on my shopping list for tomorrow asap.


    with love from Mademoiselle Meese