Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Comfort Clothes

Chilling Out

Chilling Out by annaxoxx featuring lace up sneakers

It's everyone's secret, we all have that secret drawer, that hidden part of our closet, pushed between cocktail dresses, our comfort clothes. You may be afraid to wear them outside or admit you even have them. I, personally, having been wearing them everyday to for like a month. I have but together some comfort/ kinda cute outfits for you beautiful people!

Outfit 1:
George Washington University Sweatshirt (one of my first choice schools- but not my first)
J Crew leggings (I am a firm believer that the staples you wear everyday should be nice- don't be afraid to invest)
Sam Edelamn Gigi Flats

Outfit 2:
Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty T-shirt
Hard tail yoga pants (not as good as Lululemon, but super soft)
Nike running shoes

Outfit 3:
Wildfox sweatshirt
Nike running Capris
Havaianas flip flops

Outfit 4:
Plain White tee
Free City Sweats
Glitter sperrys


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