Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dear Friends,

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This part is more directed to certain people. It has nothing to do with fashion, or other blog related stuff.

Oh my, We are kind of seniors. Was this year a struggle or not? I think APUSH practicably killed us, and yes "Erry-day we stugglin'!" We worked so hard. I am sorry for always texting you back back hours later and asking you "Tell me everything about this chapter in 5 minutes" as we panicked before our chapter tests every Monday. I probably would of had a melt down everyday, instead of every week, if you guys weren't there talking to me and getting my mind of everything.

Crisitna, you are amazing! I loved helping you study for Micro and Physics! Although we only had one class together, one semester; that did not stop me from yelling to you down the hallway, and then awkwardly stare at freshman; or send at least 5 pictures of Ed Westwick and week. Let's not forget skyping and the total of 4 times we actually hung out in person this year. I will never forget the email I sent to you, when I heard Katy Perry and Prince Harry could possibly, but not, go out; 15 ways to stop this!You are my best friend and I love you!

Erin, how many times did you teach me AP Chemistry? I think you might have taught me the whole class. Wait, it could be a combination of you and Emily. You are gorgeous and I love laser-tagging with you and Gabby. Chatting with you 3rd hour and freaking out about college recommendations, where to apply, and getting me through ACT panics, you are truly a gift to me. If I could right you are letter of rec, I would. 

Gabby, It was magical sitting next to you in APUSH 1st semester. It was so fun sending Cristina pictures of celebrities she looks like during Presidential Presentation. I love hearing you vent about E.E. and how she is trying to freak you out. Although every time I saw you, you kind of made me freak out a little more about college, you pushed me to be even better and for that I cannot thank you enough. Georgetown won't know what they are losing if they don't accept you. You will be president one day! Plus, you introduced me to Il Volo and that was a game changer.

You all are amazing and next year will be amazing. SENIOR YEAR HERE WE COME!!!!!

ohh ah you wish you were a senior!


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