Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pairings: Mixing Patterns

Photo via: Wendy's Lookbok

Yep, another pairings post! This one was inspired by the picture above from Wendy's Lookbook. What an amazing way to to pair patterns! She is amazing. Anway, below I gave you some different ways. I didn't choose specific pieces so I link the clothes but if you click the title of each Polyvore set (i.e. the first one is mixed patterns 1) you can see the type of the clothes.

mixed patterns 1

mixing patterns 2

mixing patterns 3

mixing patterns 4

mixing patterns 5

mixing patterns 5 by annaxoxx featuring a multi color dress

Okay so, as you have probably seen, I have up many different options on ways to mix patterns. My favorite is probably that ones with black and blue pants paired with the black polka dot blouse- obsessed!

Which is your favorite?


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