Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What to Wear: Camping


When camping, don't get fancy with anything, keep it simple. I cannot stress that enough KEEP IT SIMPLE, you don't want to be like the almost step-mom in The Parent Trap. Given that you only going camping for usually only 2 days, 1 night; I gave you 4 outfits and a few other things that your should bring.

I would not recommend jeans shorts because they can be a little hard to move in, for me at least, I would recommend Nike Tempo Shorts(Which I live in in the summer) or Luluemon Shorts (my fave at the moment). If you hate (which I think it is impossible) running shorts, go for linen shorts because they are light and easy to move in. 

Go for basic tops- StyleMint is a good place to get nice quality ones.
Bring a sweatshirt and sweatpants because it will get cooler. Alternative Apparel is so nice a warm.

Bring nice, durable shoes like Keds, Toms, and Nike's. They are all light, comfortable, and will withstand everything. Bring flip-flops if where you are going has a shower facility. 

Bring a water bottle. I love water bottles, and I have a quite extensive collection, but Klean Kanteen (you can get them for $15 at REI) is the best for camping because they are steel. 

Make sure you pack sunscreen, a hat, bug stray, and a lotion with sunscreen.

What is your most memorable camping experience?


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