Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I ordered one online 2 days ago from Mango (which unfortunately is no longer online- good thing I ordered it when I did) that is black and braided. I love it. I remember looking at it last year but I never bought it so I got it on sale for like $10 plus $5.95 shipping!

But, my mom scared the living crap out of me saying that it would not come in time for Death Valley (we leave Saturday around 6) so I panicked and ran around 2 malls trying to find a bathing suit in my size. I finally walked into Aerie, I knew the salesman working there- not personally but she has helped me in there before- and she asked if I needed help finding anything. I literally said "Do you have any bathing suit bottoms that are smalls?" She helped me look and I finally found some!

They are actually extra- smalls- they fit but I will be happy when my Mango one comes in because it is a small.

Anyway, I knew I could find a top in my size, the challenge was to find one that matched. I found a plain black bandeau top at Aerie that would obviously look good with the bottoms. It is actually a really cute paring. The top is also and extra small but since I don't have a large chest I will be totally fine!

I love how the top have a halter type removable strap but strapless tops never stay on me!

Everything was a extra 30% off so I got the top and bottom together, with tax, for $22 something!!!



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